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    When we say niche consumer, we generally mean the more modern client. They are looking for a designer or design shop that can produce work in terms of “really” good to revolutionary. Being a designer or owning a studio can be a daunting career because you face a blank page all the time. Your task is to take something and turn it into a marvel. Today, I see a lot of student designers, self-taught, or even stragglers who decided to become a designer and not actually design something innovative or creative for that matter. That’s harsh to say, but the fact is, designing today is not like what is use to be. Designers were a league of their own. Individuals that went to higher places of education and learned how to design and built the designed world we live in. Today, becoming a designer is much easier, but students believe becoming a designer is easy because it’s easy to become one. It’s easy because many have the tools. For instance, you are not born a wood carpenter. You have the ability, but you must learn and prove others of your ability. The same goes to designers. You must learn, practice, and find a path that gives you the power to make something others enjoy.

    When developing a platform for a niche design system of your own, I use Pixelogic as an example. I created this shop when I was in high school. I self taught myself to design and web develop. Created a brand and developed it over a couple years. At first, I was like most designers. Cocky and full of myself. I learned, though, to work incredibly hard at designing for a purpose, rather than what I thought was right. Going to school was also a priority. Before attending, I was getting clients and making a name for myself. This produced work and allowed me to know more than what most of my peers knew. The problem I see is once again, students don’t have the enthusiasm to work really hard at design and assume it’s something they will instantly make money at. Niche or no niche, it’s still a difficult profession.

    When developing your company, you must come up with a general plan of business and get an idea of how much you wish to make. Starting out, I would charge hourly between $15-$25. That’s so you make more than minimum wage and still make a profit for the company.

    When you have a business plan, expect to be rivals with all designers. Because you’re not the only designer out there. Make sure to study what’s popular and innovative. Try out different things for practice or with clients and then begin to focus on that way of design. I chose interface and icon design. Many designers never think of doing this and clients rarely invest because they have no understanding of this area. They think print media is how everything works in the world. This has allowed me to write and persuade clients into a new area of design and be able to control the market I’m in.

    When developing your company, you must follow a strike regime, but also make sure doing this correctly. You must work hard and play hard to actually earn a living at this career. It’s something that isn’t guaranteed no matter what.

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  • Good News Everyone

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    Four years ago, Pixelogic launched as an indie software company with a passion for hand crafted and well-designed applications. Over the years we have evolved into a design shop making interfaces for companies and startups all over the world. Today we are thriving to still make beautiful designs for our clients. We’d like to say thank you to all of those who have made this design shop possible. To our friends and family, we thank you for helping us achieve a lot with this business and what it will become in the coming months.

    The massive change within the company has brought a new website, new identity, and a new look on business. We’d like to welcome you in following this progress by subscribing to our Tumblr blog here for updates and cool stuff we will be working on.

    Feel free to check out our portfolio at pxlc.me

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